Year Round Dive Sites

Green Parrot

So named because of the abundance of parrot fish, is home to hard and soft corals and rock formations. Oftentimes we find something unusual and interesting here.

The Garden

Home to hard and soft corals, a wide variety of fish and even an occasional sting ray.


Brain coral, lettuce coral, fan coral, spnoges and even some barrel coral are found here. Spotted drum, snapper, parrot fish, and an occassional sea horse can be seen among the coral formations.

White House

The White House is a wall dive. Sponges and gorgonia are found here along with bigger fish such as snapper, grouper and occassionally schools of horse eyed jack, spadefish, and much much more.


Here you can see all of the hard and soft corals, our closest dive site located a minute from our dock. It is in the channel and a good place to see lots of different kinds of fish like trigger fish, goat fish, parrot fish, and even a nurse shark or two.

Hospital Point

Named after the National Fruit Company's hospital back when Chaquita bananas were harvested here on the islands, it is another wall formation again with a variety of hard and soft corals as well as an abundance of various fish. Sometimes larger fish wander into Hospital Point from the sea.

Seasonal Dive Sites

The seasonal dive sites are reachable generally in September and October. Marked by stronger currents than we generally experience at the inside dive sites, we generally reserve some of these sites for the more experienced diver.

Wash Rock

Located off of Bastimentos, Wash Rock is the pinnacle of a rock formation stretching out from Bastimentos. Larger fish may be seen here such as midnight blue parrot fish, nurse sharks, and toad fish.

Polo Beach

Located between Playa Larga and Playa Rana Rojo on Bastimentos, Polo Beach is a small, beautiful beach seen only in your dreams. Not only home to fantastic rock formations and swim-thrus, you may see large groupers, turtles, and nurse sharks. Currents can be strong here.


Diving in the national marine park, can bring you face to face with larger fishlife as you dive in and around the caves of Zapatilla. See Queen triggerfish, triggerfish, trunk fish, nurse sharks, and more.

Tiger Rock

Perhaps the best dive site in Bocas, Tiger Rock is also the fartherst from Bocas Town. A rock pinnacle, great visbility is the norm. Beautiful rock formations, a larger variety of fishlife and some very large lionfish will be seen here.